Members of NSHD-M

Member organisations are an integral part of our human capacity development approach. Together, we aim to develop appropriate strategies and activities for the NSHD-M to ensure a country-driven and demand-oriented capacity building process.

The NSHD-M currently includes about 140 persons from 28 different university and research institutions from China, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. Together, the members provide expertise in the fields of water engineering, hydropower development, water resources management, and environmental, social and economic disciplines.

The NSHD-M is constantly open to new members. If you are interest in the network and would like to learn more, please contact your Country Focal Point or a GIZ representative.

Members should be affiliated with an institution in the Mekong countries relevant to hydropower development, commit some of their time available and have expertise in a key topic to enhance knowledge within the network. They can be graduate students and academic professionals, officials from ministries or government agencies, civil society, and professionals working in hydropower development.

Country Focal Points






Dr Qingnian Yu

Hohai University; Institute of Land Resource Management


Dr Silinthone Sacklokham

National University of Laos; Faculty of Agriculture


Dr Phouvin Phousavanh

National University of Laos; Faculty of Agriculture


Dr Wanpen Wirojanagud

Khon Kaen University; Faculty of Science and Engineering


Mr Thuon Try

Royal University of Phnom Penh; Faculty of Development Studies


Dr Ha Thanh Lan

Institute of Water Resources Planning (IWRP), Hanoi 

GIZ Representatives




Ms.Anh Pham

MRC-GIZ Cooperation Programme, Laos

Ms.Maria Koenig

MRC-GIZ Cooperation Programme, Laos

Dr Thomas Petermann

MRC-GIZ Cooperation Programme, Germany

Member Institutions








Hohai University,

Social Development Institute

National Research Center for Resettlement

Institute of Land and Resource Management

College of Water Resources Economies and Management

Water Management Institute

Social development, resettlement


 Kunming University of Sciences and Technology

Faculty of Electric Power Engineering

Faculty of Environmental Science and Engineering

 Ecology Watershed Management, EIA, Ecosystem Conservation


Yunnan University

School of International Studies

Institute of Southeast Asian Studies

GMS Study Center

Center for Myanmar Studies

China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research

International Studies, International water and issues on lancing-Mekong, Water Environment, benefit sharing, ecosystems


National University of Laos NUOL, 6 Faculties

Faculties of Environment, Engineering Forestry/Watershed, Social Sciences, and Agriculture


Thammasat University

Faculty of Engineering

Sustainable Energy and Environment (Master programme))


Mahidol University, Faculty of Environment and Resources, BKK



Khon Kaen University KKU, Faculties of Science and Engineering, Institute for Dispute Resolution

SEA, environmental management (WRM, biodiversity), engineering, EIA, conflict management 


Mahasarakham University, Faculty of Environment and Resource Studies

Environmental management; GIS; Spatial planning


Chulalongkorn University, Department of Environmental  Engineering, Faculty of Engineering 

Water Resources Engineering; Fisheries migration and mitigation 


 Naresuan University

Faculty of Engineering



Khon Kaen University

Faculty of Science and Engineering

Institute for Dispute Resolution

SEA, environmental management (WRM, biodiversity), engineering, EIA, conflict management


Institute of Technology of Cambodia (ITC)

Hydrology; engineering; planning, EIA


Royal University of Phnom Penh (RUPP), Department of Environmental Studies (DES), Centre for Development Studies

EIA; NRM, social development, resettlement


Cambodia  Development Resource Institute (CDRI)

Social development; irrigation; hydrology


University of Battambang

Agriculture and Food Processing 


 Mean Chey University



Fauna and Flora International Cambodia



Centre for sustainable development of water resources and adaptation to climate change (CEWAREC)

Hydrology, planning and advisory services


Vietnam Academy for Water Resources,

Institute for Hydropower and Renewable Energy (IHR)

Engineering; hydropower, energy 


Water Resources University (WRU-DHTL),Faculty of Energy Engineering

Hydrology, engineering 


Institute of Water Resources Planning (IWARP)

Planning for water projects, dams 


Vietnam Forestry University



Southern Institute of Water Resources Planning (SIWRP)

Hydrology, water resources management, Water quality and environment


Vietnam National University

Institute for Environment and Resources

Center of Water Management and Climate Change

Department of Water Resource Engineering



Can Tho University

Research Institute for Climate change

Institute for Natural Ressources

Integrated Water Management & Hydrology

Integrated Water Management & Hydrology, Climate Change


Da Nang Institute for Socio-Economic Development (DISED)

Water Resources Economics; Cost & benefits analysis of HP;  IWRM


Da Nang University of Technology

Faculty of water resource engineering

Hydrology, Hydraulics; urban hydrology; reservoir management


Asian Management and Development Institute

Research, consulting, training on agriculture, education, climate change, tourism, trade, hrm, organizational development

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